As a young person I found many different things to be interested in. Art was one subject that stayed with me. As a teenager I became involved with Rodeo, so a lot of my artwork reflected that. My Rodeo phase was highlighted by a commission to create a life size monument for the City of Prescott, Arizona commemorating 100 years of Rodeo.
This project caught the attention of an Artist named Blaine Gibson, who asked me to assist him in sculpting an eight foot bronze statue of Sam Rayburn for Bonham, Texas. Blaine, who had been with Disney for nearly forty years, was then asked to do the Partners statue for the Disney Theme Parks, I was fortunate to continue working with him on that project as well as the Roy and Minnie statue for Walt Disney World. Blaine and I also completed an eight foot bronze of World War II Marine Aviator, Joe Foss for Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

In 1997 my wife, Lynn, and I left Arizona and returned to our roots in Montana and spent the next decade ranching. During this time I was able to do some historical subjects for the National Rifle Association through the Friends of the NRA. These pieces were created and distributed nationwide over a ten year period.

We are no longer ranching, but are still in Montana, having recently converted an airplane hangar into a studio and have completed a project for Disney’s California Adventure Park.

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